Part 1

“You know…you can be a cold-hearted bitch sometimes.”  Teal was giving more than a giggle, he was a real smart-ass, which is why I loved him in the first place.  Being myself with him was different than being myself with my husband.  Who the hell was I anyway?  I had been playing this game for a while now and I seemed to be getting ahead of myself.
Teal’s chuckle turned into concern.  He squinted his eyes as if he was trying to see right through it all, “What are you thinking about? Hey…” He reached his arm over and tapped my elbow.  “Sorry, I kind of spaced out for a minute.  I have a lot on my mind.”  I peered down at my wedding ring twisting it around my finger.  Just below were newspaper clippings collected and my laptop.  Searching for the perfect policy was numbing.  My husband didn’t understand and my lover was on edge.  Teal walked over and tug at my black dress, “I want to see this on the floor.”  He was edging and ready to go, “Don’t tear away at it, my husband bought me this dress on our second wedding anniversary…” kissing me while talking, “he loves this dress.”  He kissed me down my cheek and neck.  Our fragrances mixed together made the perfect connection.  James Bond and Chanel what a perfect couple.  I felt like Audrey Hepburn except I had a little secret.
Part 2

“She’s been trying to get me to sign it for over a month now.  I really don’t see the problem if I don’t need it…yeah.  Well…dammit she is my wife.”  Stash had been on the phone almost the entire morning, he had probably forgotten that I missed my “curfew,” although I greatly doubt it.  Standing at the kitchen entry way I was able to eavesdrop on all of his conversations, which usually involved me.  I am old enough to be his daughter, though it didn’t bother us none.  His family is a different story.  I don’t care for making nice, but I don’t need any enemies.  My scent from last night was gone and my walk into the kitchen was as innocent as I could make it.  “She just walked in we’ll finish this later.”  He quickly hung up the phone and focused his attention on me.  The newspaper in his left hand was partially set on the kitchen counter.  His work shirt still in the dry cleaner’s wrappings on the chair adjacent to where I was standing from the entry way.  His top half was like a sculpture, there was no way this man was 68.  He took care of his body and in the morning, especially after a shower, is when he glistened the most.  What ruined it all…he opened his mouth.  Taking a sip of coffee looking at the paper then slightly lifting his head to look at me.  “I thought you were going to be in at nine last night.”  Sorry honey James Bond and Chanel had a long meeting last night.  “Late office work no biggy.”  Hesitantly I said, “I did…mean to call.”  “Did you?”  He asked sarcastically.  He acted more like a father than a husband.  He kept me in line.  If he didn’t I would’ve probably walked all over him.  “Baby about the insurance…” I tried changing the subject.  He cut me off, “Mal let’s not talk about this right now, I have to be off.”  He grabbed his shirt and proceeded to put it on.  “Let me help you.”  It was about time I started being a doting wife, especially if I was going to get him to sign the policy.  “I think you need a tie for this teal blue shirt.”  I patted his shoulders down and left the kitchen going up stairs.  A few seconds later he followed behind buttoning up his sleeves.  The bedroom was magnificent.  I was always in complete awe when I walked in.  Mahogany wood floors and gold trimmings.  Our linens were imported from Italy and all of our furnishings were hand carved or antiques.  My husband was a successful contractor and his brother an architect.  The business was slow coming in the beginning and being his third wife, I got the best end of it.  I walked into our living room sized closet, and I swear a hotel suite could fit in.  His ties were color coordinated and his suits took up most of the closet space.  “Which to choose?”  I took them off one by one and placed them near his neck for best comparisons.  When I turned around the third time he grabbed me from behind.  I can’t explain it, but I felt very uncomfortable.  I really didn’t want him touching me.  This feeling wasn’t enough to come from the guilt of infidelity, this was something else.  “Babe stop.”  I was playful and annoyed at the same time.  “Mal come on now, I have a few more minutes.”  I was wearing a silk nighty and clearly my nipples were showing through.  He ran his fingers up my leg then my inner thigh sucking on my neck.  My right elbow was on his shoulder and my bald fist pressed up against my cheek.  The only thing behind me was his tie stand and it was piercing me in the back.  “Sweetheart no!”  “Come on I’ll only be a minute.”  Trust me I know.  I raised up my other arm and with all the force I had I pushed him off, “I SAID NO!”  I was breathing heavily.  And somewhere in all the loving he found a way to get his belt unbuckled.  There was complete and awkward silence between us and the only thing I could do was put my head in my hand.  “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”  He stuttered fanning his right hand in the air.  He gave an awkward laugh.  I had to get it together.  My plan would crumble tremendously if I didn’t learn to control these emotions.  “I’m just not feeling it today, maybe another time.”  I was sweet and nervous.  I quickly changed the subject, “This tie would be perfect, red, it really makes it all pop.”  I gave a popping gesture with my hand and a big smiled appeared across my face.  Everything seemed to be okay, for the time being.  I followed him downstairs to see him out the door.  “Oh, by the way honey, who were you on the phone with this morning.”  Sounding as if I cared.  “An old college buddy of mine, Teal, I saw him at the gym and we exchanged numbers.  Thought it would be time to catch up you know…on old times.”  He pat me on the butt and gave me a wink.  He walked off to the first step.  “Honey you said Teal?”  This can’t be the same man I thought to myself.  Trying my best to keep my composure I hear him say, “Yeah, if you don’t mind I would love to invite him over for dinner Saturday night.”  Hesitantly I said, “I don’t know… if I could get it all together by then.”  He walks back over to me.  “Sure you can.  I tell you what, you let me take care of the hosting and I’ll even hire a cook.  Just wear my favorite black dress of yours. You know, the one I got you on our first anniversary.”  He kissed me on the cheek and a small tear rolled down my face.  He turned to walk away.  I really didn’t know what to say.  My world just collapsed right in front of me.  Could this possibly be the very man I am in love with?  My thoughts ran a muck, all I could muster up to say was, “Our second anniversary.”  He turned his head back towards my way.  “What did you say darling?”  Nervously I repeated, “It was our second wedding anniversary.”  This could not be happening.
To Be Continued


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