extremely exquisite

Sorry I haven’t written or posted anything for three weeks! I hope nobody minds or misses the posts too much, though I miss being creative and having something to blog about! Not being able to do anything besides work and recover from work is making me cranky. 😦

I get up at 5:30 a.m., these days, work till 4 p.m., and then invariably find myself alongside half a dozen bearded men in greasy Safety Orange work gear, having a shot or four of rum at the Dinah Beach Yacht Club before rowing home at half-past-six in the evening. By then I’m too tired (and slightly tipsy) to do anything but make some salad and have dinner with Kris. I stumble to bed by 9 on most nights.

So I’ve become part of that bleary, grey workforce that leans against a bar at the end of the workday, reviving its lagging…

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