My eyes captured the beauty of the sky,
lying on musty wet grass,
every now and then scratching my skin.

My head rested upon sun dried red bricks,
my dreads barely touching the ground,
how wonderfully the sun smiles at me.

Humming to the songs of fowls,
still enough so the ladybug can crawl on my arm,
enjoying the sight of the sun.

All day I laid,
not once did I get up to play,
I only admired the tenderness that life can bestow.

Once the sun started to set the day became a little cooler,
the sky changed to a red then a lavender color,
striking was the moonlight the day has now converted.


2 thoughts on “Captured Beauty

    1. You know writing comes natural for some. Even when it’s the most looked over moment, the one that is not noticed, it’s important to dissect it to find the beauty.

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