You have to wake up and say to yourself, “Hello, how are you, I’m good.”  Cause when you step out, the world is your biggest critic.  You are constantly judged left and right, no one is exempt.  If they would crucify Jesus, you think they won’t talk about you.  If the saved are crucified and tested on a daily basis, just imagine what life is like for a sinner.  Your day only gets better by the amount of enjoyment you put in it.  Life is what you make it, and you control your own destiny.  I hear people say, “You know I’ve been married and had kids, but I don’t feel as if I done any good.  I always wanted to do this and see this.”  And I ask, “Whose fault is that?”  Correct me if I’m wrong, but if everyday for 35 years I walk and fall into a hole, I’m used to it.  I am comfortable and the only way to see change is to walk around the hole.


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