My Resident Story

While talking about a woman who grew up in the project area, who lived most of her life alone. I struggled with an addiction for 30 something odd years, up until now, that I’ve taken the time to learn about myself. I left Little Rock, Arkansas to come to Dallas Life Homeless Shelter where I knew nobody. The search for love began here at Dallas Life, and I knew this was the place. My issues were instability, unforgiveness, and I felt a need to complete something in life. Most of my life was turmoil, I always knew God had a purpose, but I didn’t understand that the beginning of discovering the purpose doesn’t start with fulfillment but it starts with pain. You cannot discover your purpose until you know the core of your pain. The pain produces pressure and the pressure brought me to become disciplined to a prayer lifestyle. I didn’t think that my strengths were in accolades, because my real strengths were the “guts” to challenge myself in accepting the discipline and to following the rules of authority, which I had problems doing in the past. My staying power was the things God did when nobody was looking. Now my life has changed for the better. I made it through the classrooms I heard all the speakers. I’m grounded in the word, I’ve been through a healing process, and I’ve escaped fear and emotional trauma. Thanks to Dallas Life for changing my life, so that I could finally see God’s purpose clearly. I have completed some programs, I know I’m not at the finish line, but God says “finish well”, and things get tougher. He also says if you continue to run the race in My Spirit you will at least finish the course. I decided if I’m effective, and if I finish in phases, I will gain some satisfaction and gratification in my life. I know I can win if I don’t quit.


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