Where to begin…as recently…all has been dull and void. The thoughts…the images…where to begin.
As I secretly lust for you near the corner store, this is not love, and I do not care to have your soul. I want to begin with the physical, starting from below to above. That’s where I’ll begin. It’s been a long time now…been missed. When your lips brushed up against, you don’t know of my feelings or my kiss. Oh how I want and squirm for release in my world…this mortal coil. To toy with me and play…so unfair…you could just walk away. But this corner store is my net. And I’ll catch you, watch you slip. And I’ll breathe you. And I’ll need you. And I will release you…can’t keep you…I want to be missed. Torture your soul in fantastical bliss. Wondering endlessly in my net, searching for a little “honeysuckle.” But I am the Brown Recluse, brown skin. And when I suck and release venom that is your end. I’ll squeeze the most out of you, and the next can have the rest. Your search will lead to nothing…I would be your best. Incomparable, ego, a catch
Only a dream…where to begin…sternly placed at my net
Been a long time now…been missed


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