Cissy Houston gave me life watching her special, one thing I would like to point out, the pressure of this world, it is very real. The women of Cissy’s time (grandmothers and such) gave it straight and didn’t hold back, and when a child doesn’t take heed to the words of wisdom bestowed or rebels against them is stuck at a crossroad. (Not saying Whitney rebelled). But she was at a crossroad between addiction, which is her real life, and sobriety that is fantasy, that meaning it was not her real life. Life that is chaotic can also appear normal if not on the outside looking in. Not everyone is fit for the responsibility that comes with being a celebrity, or even that comes with just being…pain is part of being. And everyone plays a role, typical of families in the minority tend to brush everything under the rug, let’s pretend that there is no addiction. Well if my addiction came about because of my pain and my pain is my being but it goes unacknowledged, how do I deal? My addiction is to get rid of my pain, but it’s only temporary because I don’t know what the permanent fix is. One must be careful because nature’s permanent fix is DEATH.

One thought on “Addiction…Pressure, Remembering Whitney

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