European Influence In the Zionist Movement to Gain Control of Mesopotamia: Outlining America’s Interest in Oil Extractions, Part 1


When the Babylonians occupied the Jewish state, Israel, by besieging Jerusalem, several Jews were deported and took refuge in Egypt, as well as other neighboring countries. After the fall of Babylon, from Persia’s King, which is now Iran,  Jews were allowed to come home.  This was 600-500 BCE.  Many remained in their new homelands either assimilating or establishing Jewish towns and communities and integrating their religious practices.


In the Early 1900’s, several Europeans converted to Judaism, Ashkenazi Jews, but are really Turks that converted who are descendants of the Khazars who controlled Crimea and Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia.  These individuals aligned themselves with the true chosen ones to gain control.  At the same time the Turkish Ottoman Empire had control of the Middle East and also controlled all access to Mesopotamia, now Iraq, which was very important to Britain. It is important for trade and supplies since the founding of the early route The Cape, which went around Southern Africa.  In order for Britain to get access the Ottoman Empire had to be removed, but Great Britain wasn’t the only one and this led to the Mesopotamia campaign between GB, Germany, and India.  With India siding with GB and Germany siding with the Ottoman Empire.  This is the beginning with the Allies vs the Axis before every major country in the world picked sides.

In 1914 British troops occupied Palestine, controlled by the Ottoman Empire, who actually had access to petroleum and didn’t know it, by helping to arm the Arabs who formed a regime with the promise that they would be an independent state.  Jerusalem was now under British rule, which the Arabs protested.  In 1918 the Zionist commission was formed after a letter sent by Balfour in 1917 to Walter Rothschild, an Ashkenazi Jew, and descendent of the Turks.  The letter was to return the Jews back to their homeland promised in the Bible and Holy Quran. This was seen as a betrayal since the land was promised to the Arabs and was to be called Palestine.  Oil exploration attracted several surrounding countries and the west and a pipeline was created called the Turkish Petroleum company in 1929, and headquartered in London, England.  First interest was shown by Germany but Britain beat them to it.  While the pipeline was being built several Arab insurgents had an uprising and revolted which led to the establishment of Special night squads composed of British and Jewish militants in the 1930’s to protect the oil around the Arabian peninsula.

Occupying the Middle East

When Great Britain took over Palestine their allies took over the other countries controlled by the Ottoman Empire, called the Sykes-Picot Agreement. France controlled parts of Turkey, parts of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.  Russia had Istanbul, Turkish straits and Armenia. These controlling powers renamed the countries to what they are today and changed the state lines to what they are today.

  • Persia: Iran
  • Mesopotamia: Syria and Iraq
  • Palestine established by the UN in 1947: Israel
  • Israel: Mandate Palestine

Original or Biblical map of Middle East


Ottoman Empire before British rule


After European invasion and creation of new state lines


In the early 1900’s Austria and Hungary occupied Bosnia which was under the Ottoman Empire before it was annexed and at the same time Bulgaria declares independence from the Ottoman Empire, along with Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro following the war of Russia against the Turks.  The annexation of Bosnia to Austria caused an uprising from newly independent states and Russia, the beginning of  WW1.  When the future king of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.  Oil exploration ceased and Russia moved in support of Serbia.  Germany, siding with Austria, invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, before proceeding to France.  Great Britain invades Germany in support of France and the Ottoman empire joins with Germany.  Italy, in 1915, through a Triple Alliance, was suppose to stand along side Germany and Austria but sided with the Allies or Great Britain and France causing Austria to take offense.  Bulgaria joins and sides with Germany, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire.  Romania joins and sides with the Allies in 1916 and America sides with the Allies as well in 1917.

Central Powers (Triple Alliance, Axis)

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy (fought WW1 with Triple Entente)
  • Japan (fought WW1 with Triple Entente)
    • Aligning powers
      • Ottoman Empire
      • Bulgaria


  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Triple Entente (Allies)

  • Britain
  • France
  • Russia
    • Aligning powers
      • United States
      • Japan (Triple Alliance)
      • Romania
      • Serbia
      • Italy (Triple Alliance)

In 1914 Russia invaded east Prussia, apart of the German empire, to send a strike to Germany but were defeated.  Although Russia was successful against Austria-Hungary, they were defeated by the German Empire and collapsed in 1917 signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.  With allied forces advancing on Germany the treaty was terminated in 1918 when Germany surrendered.  Then the Treaty of Versailles was signed as a peace treaty between the Allied and Central powers in 1919.  This brought WW1 to an end.  It also brought the end to the Ottoman empire, Russian empire, German empire, and Austria-Hungary empire.  Borders were redrawn and independent nations were created.

Before the war


During WW1


What it looks like today


Oil exploration picked back up with the US wanting a piece of the action, left out in WW1. Now with new countries and borders drawn the allies have full control of the ex-Ottoman Empire.  Israel is key in protecting the pipeline, but two problems arise, displaced Palestinians and embarrassed Germans.

In 1928 the Red Line Agreement was signed between Big oil companies under the Turkish Petroleum Company, in ex-Ottoman Empire, to not seek out other oil interest.  American companies sought to do it anyway violating the agreement. The superpowers made this an oil cartel because they dominated the industry.

  • Anglo-Persian oil company founded in Iran in 1908 now BP
  • Gulf Oil (merged with SoCal in 1985 now Texaco and Chevron)
  • Standard Oil Company of NY now ExxonMobil
  • Royal Dutch founded in 1907 in Indonesia now Shell

The response was the formation of the Axis powers formally Central Powers, Germany, Japan, and Italy.  All were against plutocratic capitalism, which were superpowers who served their own purpose and ignored social responsibilities increasing poverty and establishing class with greed.

Persecution of Jews

Jews were being used by the controlling powers with the promise of their own state and support from western government, but not all Jews made the move to Israel seeing it as unnecessary and recognizing it as Palestine instead. Several troops needed to be dispatched while Israel was forming a possible military to fight against a possible Arabic/Muslim uprising.  The west and UK had to protect their interest.  The establishment of several “Jewish” companies, Ashkenazi Jews, like the central banking system, or the Federal Reserve Bank, which was not renewed by Andrew Jackson or Abraham Lincoln, this lead to his assassination, but by Woodrow Wilson in 1913.  Several banks were already established in England and it’s controlled properties.  The banks funded the war and the people paid the taxes.  Ashkenazi Jews in power funded both sides, Rothschild’s funded IBM who supplied machines to the Nazis for the social expulsion of the Jews.  Nazi Germany blamed the “Jews” for all the problems.  They controlled the banks, the oil, established a class system, and aligned themselves with the real Jews to further cause confusion.  

REVELATION 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

REVELATION 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

In response, Hitler focused his attention on exterminating all Jews and at the same time Palestinians were left without a country.

It is true that the modern day Babylonians, or Palestinians, did take the land promised to the Jews originally but what is going on at this time is western imperialism with both sides being pinned against each other by Europeans and Americans.   Germany wanted back the territories taken and renamed by the Allies so they invaded Austria and Poland exterminating all the Jews that resided in those lands after Germany lost the war to the UK, US, and France.  Germany believed in a pure race and felt that the Jews were foreigners able to come in and take jobs and start businesses and suck up all of the resources.  As a promise Great Britain fought on the side of the Jews but were not succeeding and needed the attention of the US who refused to intervene.  Japan wanted to dominate Asia and was at war with China, Nazis Germany wanted back the German empire, Italy surrendered to Allied forces.  Japan invaded and bombed western countries and European colonies and the US entered the war.  Germany soon surrendered and Japan was defeated due to atomic bombs being dropped on its cities.  Thus, that was the end of the Japanese empire and the start of the UN.  With the superpowers left US, Soviet Union (est. 1922), and UK.  The UN established cooperation amongst the countries to prevent future conflict.  Palestine was granted land west of Israel and the Japanese empire was now bordered states and renamed by the superpowers. The war also ended the Red Line agreement, and the superpowers can now expand to other areas for oil. TPC was changed to IPC (Iraq petroleum company) and the oil companies in the US wanted to expand moving into Saudi Arabia already striking oil in Bahrain in 1932.

Japanese Empire during the war






Rothschild interview over gaining control of Israel and the Middle East


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Addiction…Pressure, Remembering Whitney

Cissy Houston gave me life watching her special, one thing I would like to point out, the pressure of this world, it is very real. The women of Cissy’s time (grandmothers and such) gave it straight and didn’t hold back, and when a child doesn’t take heed to the words of wisdom bestowed or rebels against them is stuck at a crossroad. (Not saying Whitney rebelled). But she was at a crossroad between addiction, which is her real life, and sobriety that is fantasy, that meaning it was not her real life. Life that is chaotic can also appear normal if not on the outside looking in. Not everyone is fit for the responsibility that comes with being a celebrity, or even that comes with just being…pain is part of being. And everyone plays a role, typical of families in the minority tend to brush everything under the rug, let’s pretend that there is no addiction. Well if my addiction came about because of my pain and my pain is my being but it goes unacknowledged, how do I deal? My addiction is to get rid of my pain, but it’s only temporary because I don’t know what the permanent fix is. One must be careful because nature’s permanent fix is DEATH.

Long Time…Been Missed

Where to begin…as recently…all has been dull and void. The thoughts…the images…where to begin.
As I secretly lust for you near the corner store, this is not love, and I do not care to have your soul. I want to begin with the physical, starting from below to above. That’s where I’ll begin. It’s been a long time now…been missed. When your lips brushed up against, you don’t know of my feelings or my kiss. Oh how I want and squirm for release in my world…this mortal coil. To toy with me and play…so unfair…you could just walk away. But this corner store is my net. And I’ll catch you, watch you slip. And I’ll breathe you. And I’ll need you. And I will release you…can’t keep you…I want to be missed. Torture your soul in fantastical bliss. Wondering endlessly in my net, searching for a little “honeysuckle.” But I am the Brown Recluse, brown skin. And when I suck and release venom that is your end. I’ll squeeze the most out of you, and the next can have the rest. Your search will lead to nothing…I would be your best. Incomparable, ego, a catch
Only a dream…where to begin…sternly placed at my net
Been a long time now…been missed