Maya’s Poem to the Olympics

Amazement Awaits
By Maya Angelou
Sheer amazement awaits
Amazement luxuriant in promise
Abundant in wonder
Our beautiful children arrive at this Universal stadium
They have bathed in the waters of the world
And carry the soft silt of the Amazon, the Nile,
The Danube, the Rhine, the Yangtze and the Mississippi
In the palms of their right hands.
A wild tiger nestles in each armpit
And a meadowlark perches on each shoulder.
We, the world audience, stand, arms akimbo,
Longing for the passion of the animal
And the melody of the lark
The tigers passion attend the opening bells,
The birds sing of the amazement which awaits.
The miracle of joy that comes out of the gathering of our best, bringing their best,
Displaying the splendor of their bodies and the radiance of their agile minds to the cosmos.
Encouragement to those other youth caught in the maws of poverty,
Crippled by the terror of ignorance.
They say Brothers and Sisters, Yes, try. Then try harder.
Lunge forward, press eagerly for release.
The amazement which awaits is for you.
We are here at the portal of the world we had wished for
At the lintel of the world we most need.
We are here roaring and singing.
We prove that we can not only make peace, we can bring it with us.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can compete passionately without hatred.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can take pride in the achievement of strangers.
With respect for the world and its people,
We can share openly in the success of friends.
Here then is the Amazement
Against the odds of impending war
In the mouth of bloody greed
Human grace and human spirit can still conquer.
Ah … We discover, we ourselves
Are the Amazement which awaits
We are ourselves Amazement.

Captured Beauty

My eyes captured the beauty of the sky,
lying on musty wet grass,
every now and then scratching my skin.

My head rested upon sun dried red bricks,
my dreads barely touching the ground,
how wonderfully the sun smiles at me.

Humming to the songs of fowls,
still enough so the ladybug can crawl on my arm,
enjoying the sight of the sun.

All day I laid,
not once did I get up to play,
I only admired the tenderness that life can bestow.

Once the sun started to set the day became a little cooler,
the sky changed to a red then a lavender color,
striking was the moonlight the day has now converted.

I Am Better, So Tough Luck


Tell me one word that describes you,

and I’ll give you one better

Give me a story that defines you,

and I’ll tell you one better

My eye is you, because like a mirror I frame it all,

tell me what lie is you

and I will truth mine to your faults

See, I is you, but I am better

my history is painted on my face,

down to the smallest letter

There is not one wrinkle on me that makes me feel ashamed,

but the makeup you paint on your face you wish could do the same

My hand is you, because like a pitcher’s mit I will hold it all,

so tell me all the secrets you have

and I won’t tell a soul

See, I would tell you mine, but you should stay out of grown folk’s business

talk back to me if you want to, this will be your last visit

Because I am older that makes me greater

it does not mean that you are less than

To be on my side you must qualify

that, you will understand

God chooses who will go through

you’re just at the beginning don’t you see

It takes a whole lot of living to get to this place called me

I could show you how to get here,

but that would be robbing you of your grace

It’s no picnic in the park,

and what’s available is small space

But on your journey here you will have obstacles, I can’t pretend,

and it is your duty to start all the things I couldn’t begin

I left the mark for you

that you shall pass,

and if you can’t beat it,

in life you will not last

I am turning a year older today,

try to catch up

I have a many of years head start so tough luck